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HHS Mentoring Matching System

The HHS Mentoring Matching System is designed to support mentors and mentees in “Partnering for Excellence” and finding mentoring relationships that will help them to forge professional relationships that will result in overall development and learning across HHS.  The HHS Mentoring Program can only be as effective as the relationships that are developed between mentors and mentees.  The “chemistry” between the mentor and mentee as well as a match between the mentor's expertise and the mentee's developmental needs are critical components for a successful relationship.

The HHS Mentoring Matching System will match participants in 2 ways: 1) auto-matching or 2) self-selection.  A third option (non-system), called a Third Party Matching, is also available through your OPDIV coordinator.

The Auto-Matching option may be used by mentees to locate prospective mentors that are available in the system.  This matching method is ideal for mentees who are looking to use a system generated match to find a complementary mentor.  The auto-matching system will automatically match the mentee using the following criteria:
  • The mentee's developmental needs and the mentor's areas of expertise
  • Professional goals of the mentee in relation to the career history of the mentor
  • Mentoring platform preferences (i.e., Peer-to-Peer and Senior-to-Junior)
  • Geographic location preference of the mentee and mentor

The Self-Selection Matching option will allow a mentee to query a mentor by name, OPDIV or geographic location.  This option is ideal for mentees that have interest in a particular mentor due to familiarity with a prospective mentor and their expertise.  It can also be used for mentoring relationships that are already in progress at an OpDiv level or an informal mentoring relationship.

The Third-Party Matching option should only be used by mentees if they have experienced difficulty in using the above mentioned matching methods and are unable to enter a mentoring relationship using the Auto-Matching method or the Self-Selection method.  The Third Party Matching process allows the OpDiv Coordinator to conduct a search of the online matching system in order to locate a prospective mentor for the mentee.

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If you have already set up an account in the Mentoring Matching System, click on My Account to log in and manage your mentoring program account.

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