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Training Policies and Attendance Requirements

Training Registration

Mentors/mentees register for program-sponsored training events or activities via the HHS Learning Portal (i.e., HHS Learning Management System).

Training Requirements

Mentors and mentees must complete the mentoring orientation either online or in the classroom. Program participants are exempt from this requirement if they have attended a mentoring orientation within the last year (i.e., 12 months). Documentation of orientation should be noted in the HHS Learning Management System. In addition to the orientation, participants are encouraged to engage in mentor program training and networking activities

Training Evaluation

Each training event includes an evaluation to solicit participants’ comments and suggestions on course content and presentation. The evaluations are used to make improvements in course length, curriculum, and selection of instructors. Participants also should contact the HHS Mentoring Program manager to discuss concerns or recommendations they have regarding specific training courses.

Last revised: 9/1/2016

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