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HHS Mentoring Program Documentation

  1. HHS Mentoring Program Handbook
  2. Appendix A: Mentoring Agreement
  3. Appendix B: 6-month Progress Report: Mentee Feedback
  4. Appendix C: 6-month Progress Report: Mentor Feedback
  5. Appendix D: Individual Development Plan (IDP) Template
  6. Appendix E: 1-year Program Evaluation: Mentee Feedback
  7. Appendix F: 1- year Program Evaluation: Mentor Feedback
  8. Appendix G: Program Checklist
  9. Appendix H: Leadership Competency Definitions
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OPM Competencies Model

Best Practices Report - Mentoring

Recommended Reading

Disclaimer: The following resources have not been produced by HHS, but they may be useful in the development of mentoring programs and the creation of effective mentoring relationships.


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Last revised: 9/1/2016

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