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Program Coordinators: Roles and Responsibilities and Expectations

HHS Mentoring Program Manager

HHS Mentoring Program Manager will be an employee within HHS University.  The manager will provide oversight, leadership, direction and administrative support to all aspects of the mentoring program.  Specifically, the HHS Mentoring Program Manager will fulfill the following responsibilities:

• Serve as the primary point of contact for program policy and procedures.

• Communicate departmental expectations and guidance to HHS OPDIVs.

• Maintain communication with OPDIV coordinators to ensure program components are designed and implemented consistently within stated program goals and objectives.

• Coordinate the design, delivery and evaluation of the program’s marketing, recruitment, training and reporting methods.

• Coordinate and schedule quarterly meetings/updates with OPDIV coordinators.

• Prepare assessments and evaluation reports for HHS management.


Each OPDIV will assign a program coordinator to support and monitor implementation of the program.  OPDIV coordinator responsibilities include:

• Identify and establishing program support to foster an effective mentoring program.

• Manage OPDIV-specific mentoring program activities.

• Oversee the mentoring pairing process and ensuring confidentiality among all participants.

• Assist mentees in identifying and selecting mentors within their OPDIV or across OPDIVs.

• Ensure that supervisors and management understand the mentoring process and the requirements/expectations of participants within their organization.

• Monitor and submitting reports to the HHS Mentoring Program Manager.

• Establish procedures for evaluation and assisting in the coordination of “Hail/Farewell” activities.

• Participate in quarterly administrative meetings.

Last revised: 2/7/2014

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