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Online Training

As an alternative for participants in various geographic locations, HHS University provides online training courses via the Learning Management System (LMS) to mentoring program participants that will focus on eight competencies. The online courses will provide additional insight to the ‘Networking and Training Event Series’ and provide more structured learning about the competencies addressed in the series. By completing the online training, program participants will gain a further understanding of these competencies and their application in the HHS workplace. Information regarding these sessions can be accessed through the Learning Management System (LMS) at


Skillsoft Course

Self Direction 

Self-empowerment: Managing from Within

Self Direction

Asserting Yourself Professionally 

Leveraging Diversity 

Workplace Diversity Awareness

Leveraging Diversity

Managing Diversity in the Workplace Simulation

Conflict Managemet

Foundations of Effective Thinking

Conflict Management 

Creative Problem Solving and Effective Thinking Simulation


Personal Accountability: Working for Your Inner Boss


Creating a Business Execution Culture

Strategic Thinking 

Strategic Management - Analysis and Choice

Organizational Systems Awareness


Systems-thinking Models and Thinking Skills

Organizational Systems Awareness

Organizational Culture and Leadership

Last revised: 9/1/2016

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