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Account Setup

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As a participant in the HHS Mentoring Program, you are required to set up an account prior to using the online Mentoring Matching System (MMS). The account setup feature requires you to provide a biographical profile, contact information, career path(s), and competency development areas to facilitate the matching process. The MMS will generate a list of prospective mentors that match the mentor and mentee based on compatible skills, expertise, and developmental needs. The mentee is responsible for reviewing the list of prospective mentors and using the MMS to extend a request to the mentor to have a preliminary conversation to determine if there is a “match.”

When entering the system for the first time, program participants must decide to enter the system as a mentor or mentee. However, once logged into the system, employees will be provided the option to participate in the program as both a mentor and a mentee.

The Account Setup process collects information in 5 areas:

  • HHS Email and Password
  • Office Contact Information
  • Career Paths Interest/Expertise
  • Leadership Competencies Selection
  • Mentoring Preferences

After your account is established, your information will be maintained in a secure database. Contact information, career path, and competency selections will be shared with prospective participants as part of the matching process.

You browser is not JavaScript/JS enabled. Some of the functions of the MMS may not work properly.

If you have already set up an account in the Mentoring Matching System, click on My Account to log in and manage your mentoring program account.

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